When to Seek Urgent Care if You Have Diabetes

It is critically important that you check your blood sugar and keep track of the results. When your blood sugar rises too high, and stays too high, that means your diabetes is not being controlled. This is because you are:

  • Overeating
  • Inactive
  • Sick
  • Stressed, or
  • Not taking your diabetes medication

Call your doctor if:

  • Your level is below 70 mg/dl and you have been eating healthy meals regularly or
  • You have type 1 diabetes and have taken insulin and your level is still above 240mg/dl or
  • You have type 2 diabetes and are taking diabetes pill and your level is above 240 mg/dl before meals and stays there for more than one day or
  • You experience symptoms of low blood sugar even though your level is above 70 mg/dl. Some signs of low blood sugar are:
    • Shaking
    • Pale Skin color
    • Dizziness
    • Clumsiness
    • Sweating
    • Rapid Heart rate
    • Confusion

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