Getting Urgent Care Quickly

What This Indicator Measures

This indicator tracks the percentage of Western New York health plan customers reporting that they "always" received care as soon as they thought they needed it, on those occasions when they needed care right away.

Why This Measure Matters

When urgent care is needed, it is important that people feel they can obtain such care as soon as they think it is needed. As a fundamental aspect of health care, urgent care access indicates system capacity, efficiency and coordination.

% of Health Plan Customers Reporting That They Always Received Care As Soon As They Thought They Needed, When They Required Care Right Away

Data Sources & Notes

This chart presents summary level results from the CAHPS Health Plan survey conducted in 2008, as provided by the New York State Department of Health. The survey question for this indicator was "In the last 12 months, when you needed care right away, how often did you get care as soon as you thought you needed?" Possible responses to this question were "always," "usually," "sometimes" and "never." In answering this question, respondents were told to not include care they got when they stayed overnight in a hospital or the care they received during dental care visits. Western New York averages reflect enrollment-weighted averages, while national averages are from the 2008 CAHPS Health Plan Survey Chartbook.

WNY Health Care Priorities

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Measuring Methods

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