Know Cholesterol Levels

What This Indicator Measures

This indicator tracks the percentage of adults in Western New York who know their cholesterol levels.

Why This Measure Matters

An elevated blood cholesterol level is a key risk factor for heart disease, and awareness of these levels is often the first step to modifying behavior. The U.S. Center for Disease Control recommends cholesterol screenings for adults at least once every five years, with such tests frequently obtained in conjunction with routine physical exams.

% of Adults Who Know Their Cholesterol Levels

Data Sources & Notes

This chart presents summary level results from the Western New York Health Risks Assessment (HRA), as reported in the Western New York Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Update, 2004-2005. The HRA was conducted on behalf of the Western New York Public Health Coalition to identify health needs of the region. The 2004-05 HRA updated the results of a survey conducted by the Western New York Health Coalition in 1998-99.

A total of 3,163 households comprising over 5,500 adult individuals across the eight counties of Western New York completed an HRA survey over the telephone between October 2005 and March 2005.

The survey question for this indicator was "Do you know your cholesterol level?" This question was asked only of respondents who indicated they have had their cholesterol level checked.

Western New York's average reflects a population-weighted average. Comparable national and statewide data are not available. What's presented on this chart are the percentages of adults across New York State and the United States who have had their cholesterol checked within the past five years, as provided by the New York State Department of Health County Health Assessment Indicator Reports for 2004-06 and the U.S. Center for Disease Control, respectively.

County-level data were provided by the Western New York Health Risks Assessment (2005). The State average is from the County Health Assessment Indicators (2006); the National average is from the Center for Disease Control (2003).

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