Prenatal Care

What This Indicator Measures

This indicator tracks mothers seeking early prenatal care as a proportion of total births across Western New York, by county.

Why This Measure Matters

Prenatal care helps keep both mother and baby in good health. When mothers do not receive prenatal care, they are more likely to give birth to babies with a low birth weight or that die prematurely. Just the regularity of a visit with your doctor during pregnancy can allow for early detection and treatment of problems that manifest during gestation. Prenatal care is also critical to advising expectant mothers about what they can do to ensure a healthy start to life for their baby.

% of Births in Western New York that Received Early Prenatal Care

Data Sources & Notes

This measure of women receiving early prenatal care was calculated by dividing the number of women receiving prenatal care during the first trimester by the number of live births, as provided by the New York State Department of Health County Health Indicator Profiles for 2006. These data reflect summary level statistics by county, as extracted from various health reporting systems.

Western New York's average reflects a population-weighted average, while the New York State average is reported by the Children's Health Insurance Program. The national Average is from the Center for Disease Control Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance System. The Healthy People 2010 goal reflects the target set by Objective 16-6 to increase the proportion of women receiving early and adequate prenatal care to 90 percent.

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Measuring Methods

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