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WNY Health Care Priorities

Over 1,700 Western New Yorkers told us what their top five priorities were for health care. Find out How WNY is Doing and What the Community Said in these areas, and Why It Matters for WNY and the nation.

Priority #1: Make the Human Connection

Western New Yorkers want providers to recognize they are people as well as patients by showing compassion, empathy and respect for their needs. (...read more)

"The system has become insensitive to patient's feelings."

Priority #2: Lose The Hassle Factor

Western New Yorkers say that obtaining health care - from urgent to routine - should be as convenient and efficient as possible. (...read more)

"Make it simple."

Priority #3: Help Me Understand

Western New Yorkers say they need access to clear information and health educational resources to make better decisions about their health. (...read more)

"Educating the public is crucial...Our future health is in our hands."

Priority #4: Make Healthy Choices

Many Western New Yorkers believe the region's health system needs to shift from reactive care to embrace a more proactive approach to patient health. (...read more)

"Health promotion and disease prevention is the key to high quality, cost effective health care."

Priority #5: Increase Access to Care

Western New Yorkers want broader access to care for all populations, especially the underserved - health care is a basic human right. (...read more)

"Health care is a basic human right."

One Friday: Four Futures

Learn how 1,700 Western New Yorkers engaged in a dialogue about the region's health care future. (...read more)

Measuring Methods

How we measured WNY health care performance in five priority areas (...read more)