Reaching Excellence Together

Guiding Quality Improvement for WNY Health Care

Western New York's health care leaders are already moving forward to advance system quality in the community's priority areas, as evidenced by numerous collaborative efforts among hospitals, health plans and other regional partners to improve patient-centered care. Building on these efforts, and as a framework for advancing system performance in priority areas, Reaching for Excellence offers the region's health leaders a series of strategic recommendations and local and national best practices. To guide the region's strategic efforts and related investments toward achieving measurable progress, recommendations focus on the top three priorities raised by Western New Yorkers (Make the Human Connection, Lose the Hassle Factor, and Help Me Understand).

Reaching for Excellence has taken the critical first step toward advancing health system quality improvement efforts in line with the values and priorities of the Western New York community.

Western New Yorkers have given a clear directive to the system on what matters most to them for the future of health care in the region. Through data-driven evaluations, Reaching for Excellence has identified key areas of performance gaps, providing an information foundation to drive system redesign efforts and consumer choice. Western New York's health leaders have already made significant efforts to advance patient-centered care, establishing a firm foundation for quality improvement. At this point, key health system actors - from providers and payers to policy makers and patients - should join together in embracing the community's priorities, adopting a comprehensive, strategic approach for quality improvement and holding the system accountable for progress.

Reaching for Excellence intends to be a partner for both the consumer and health leaders in the region by serving as the channel of reliable information about system performance at all levels. Reaching for Excellence will continue to guide new and support existing improvement efforts in the region by tracking progress on community priorities and expanding and enhancing performance measurement tools. As a framework for advancing performance in the specific areas defined as priorities by the Western New York community, Reaching for Excellence offers offers a set of strategic recommendations with highlighted local and national best practices.

Patients themselves must play a part in advancing progress by taking a proactive approach to both their health and their interactions with the health system. This includes raising their expectations and demanding a delivery system that meets their needs. Patients must also engage in the process of becoming informed about their health care choices and self-advocating for their needs, to the extent that they can. The P² Collaborative of Western New York is leading an effort to engage consumers to partner with their physicians and adopt self-management skills.

WNY Health Care Priorities

Five key health care priorities and their regional performance ( more)