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Reaching Excellence Together

Engage Providers, Patients and Staff in Identifying Specific Challenges and Potential Solutions

In formulating strategies for revising policies and procedures toward quality improvement on measures of patient-centered care, health leaders should engage those on the front lines of the patient encounter - providers, patients themselves and staff. Intake forms that ask patients about their cultural background, religious views, lifestyle, family, and other factors affecting their preferences could support a more holistic, needs-based approach to treatment. Focus groups, advisory councils and survey tools should also be implemented to engage providers, patients and staff in targeting opportunities for policy change and quality improvement. Several hospitals in the region are already taking advantage of staff insights in shaping more patient-centered care approaches.

National Best Practice

Schwartz Center Rounds

What if physicians and other providers in the area could learn from one another in strengthening their relationships with patients?

The Schwartz Center Rounds offers clinicians this opportunity. Conducted at 165 sites (mostly hospitals) in 30 different states across the nation, the rounds are hour-long forums that bring together a multidisciplinary group of providers to discuss their experiences with patients and share new ideas for patient-centered care. The rounds have been effective in developing provider skills, generating new ideas for supporting patient-centered care and facilitating change in policy and practice within hospitals.

Local Best Practice

Transforming Care at the Bedside Collaborative

The Transforming Care at the Bedside model engages nurses and other frontline staff in identifying and implementing strategies to improve the quality and safety of patient care for hospital medical and surgical units.

Mercy Hospital is at the forefront of embracing this model having funded its own initiative and completed the two-year project. Joining the collaborative are Erie County Medical Center and Medina Memorial Hospital, which have been awarded grants by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Aligning Forces for Quality to participate in this national effort to improve health outcomes.

WNY Health Care Priorities

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