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One Friday: Four Futures

Western New Yorkers Talk About Health Care

Engaging more than 1,700 Western New Yorkers in a dialogue about the future of health care in Western New York, One Friday: Four Futures is the foundation of the Reaching for Excellence initiative and the first step to amplifying the consumer perspective in health care reform. Through more than 100 community conversations held across the region during 2008 and early 2009, a diverse community audience shared its priorities for the future of the region's health care system. Forums ranged from block clubs and church groups to senior centers and advocacy groups. One Friday: Four Futures developed out of an innovative scenario planning process based on possibilities, with community conversations generated around four descriptive stories portraying distinct futures for the region based on the choices we make today.

Scenario Planning

Reaching for Excellence project sponsors sought an effective method for engaging the community in an open, creative and goal-oriented dialogue about health and health care. (...read more)

The Stories

What will the future of health care in Western New York look like? In four stories, an interwoven cast of patients and health care providers interact with each other on a single day in 2018. The date is the same but each Friday has been reached along a different path, with distinctly different outcomes for all involved. (...read more)


Reaching for Excellence traveled across the eight-county region to convene more than 100 community conversations with over 1,700 Western New Yorkers. Learn more about how it happened and who participated. (...read more)

One Friday: Four Futures

Learn how 1,700 Western New Yorkers engaged in a dialogue about the region's health care future: