Health Care Quality: Resources

Successful management of your health - or that of a loved one - begins when you take an active role in your health care. Below are some resources that can help educate you as to where the high quality care currently exists in Western New York and throughout New York State. Spend the time educating yourself as to where to seek the best quality care in the region.

Physicians Who Manage Diabetes

Review diabetes measures for the area's adult primary care physicians. Learn how to better control your diabetes with patient-management tools available on-line. ( more)

Hospital Compare

Create a public-private collaboration involving agencies of the Federal government and the Hospital Quality Alliance, the information on this website displays metrics to assist consumers identify hospital quality in facilities throughout the U.S. ( more)

Nursing Homes

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) makes available the demographics of each licensed New York State nursing home, in addition to information related to site inspections, complaints, enforcement report, and quality statistics. Searchable by region and county. ( more)

Managed Care

Health plan performance reports are designed to help you choose a plan that meets you and your family's needs. NYSDOH provides information related to quality performance with respect to primary and preventative care, access, behavioral health and enrollee satisfaction.
( more)

WNY Health Care Priorities & Performance

As a result of the One Friday: Four Futures conversations, project sponsors developed A Community Report on Western New York Health Care (July 2009) that reflected the voice of the consumer. The report was shared with policymakers throughout the region. Guided by a clear community consensus around five health care priorities, the following set of baseline indicators were identified as a way to monitor system performance and drive quality improvement efforts:

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WNY Health Care Performance Measures

Project sponsors of A Community Report on Western New York Health Care (July 2009) compiled a list of 23 health care performance measures and how Western New York compared to the U.S. average ( more)

About Reaching for Excellence

In 2006, the Berger Commission issued a 231-page report that called for a massive reconfiguration of the health care delivery system throughout New York State. This "right-sizing" of hospitals and long-term care facilities was controversial and begged a fundamental question: Shouldn't the perspective of the community - as users of the system - become involved in the current health care debate?

Reaching for Excellence: Community Vision and Voices for Western New York Health Care emerged in 2007 as the first region-wide forum for engaging and amplifying the consumer perspective to shape a stronger health care future for Western New York. Its first initiative (One Friday, Four Futures) was a resounding success, and set the stage for the next phase: Providing consumers with resources on where to find quality health care in the Western New York region. ( more)